Butterfly in the Tall Grass

2개월 전

As I used to do in the late afternoon, I took a short walk to find something nice to be shot. To get this photo, I had to pass thru wetland and the tall grass itself bothering me so badly when I was trying to focus on the the subject. So, I had to get rid of this problem if I wanted to have a good look of this butterfly.First thing first, I had to wait for the calmness by making a careful step toward this winged insect, and ensuring there was no any tall grass blocked my view.





CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography
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Stunning butterfly photography, thanks. They are quite a challenge to capture if you do not have the right camera. I have been able to take a few shots of some sipping nectar which I really enjoyed.

Beautiful images

sep gron bang


ata ta ceklek ceklek laju bang. hehe. Mantong awam that bah nyan bang. Trims

Every shot so amazing

very good picture

Butterflies have spectacular colors that stand out very well in the photos @Photography



thank for rating my work @hugo1954.

butterfly is a kind of insect that does not need distraction so if next time you want to snap just move toward it slowly


Agree! But sometime, during the daylight, I got trouble to make it calm and lucky me I got it in late afternoon which made it a bit steady. Thank for the advice. Need to learn more about this stuff.


dont worry you are on the right way to success in steem.

So that seem a lucky walk brother, to found this beautiful creature is a luck. Thanks for sharing. New friend here.



Thanks buddy. Most welcome here

Great images!

Beautiful, well done!