Some of my close encounters with my beloved Rose ! & I do cherish them forever & always!

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Hello Everyone! Here are some of my close encounters with my beloved Rose. Though its kind of special for everyone in one sense or other...but for me its my ultimate inspires me to blossom, giggle and be carefree all the time... the life it such a shortest span it only spreads Love and Love...nothing else!

From a young bud to a beautiful flower, it spreads it beauty and fragrance to the whole world.

The tender, gentle and velvet petals truly touch my soul. Its softness is absolutely sublime, cannot be put into words, can only be felt at heart.

Every time I look at always gives me a totally different perspective.

When you give a Rose to someone, it expresses something special...without using says all. Love, care, respect and can say all with its boundless beauty.

No wonder, how humanity would have been, if there was no "Rose"...think once how things would have been!? ever imagined!

Every since glimpse of it...In real and even in the capture, makes me smile...I go so deep and deep into it, like the depths of an ocean. I am just crazy about it...Rose is just not a wonderful moment for me....its much more...beyond that! like eternity !

The mesmerizing beauty that lasts no longer than couple of days, yet is charmed and remembered forever and ever.

Hope you all like the captures.

Much Love!

The Gorgeous White Beauty


The Wonderful Pink Princess


The Charming Pink Blush


The Stunning Glow Rosa





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it is very beautiful flowers


Thank you so much! Deepak Ji.

I love your roses thy are gorgeous...


@clarvin Thank you so much!