York River Reflections: York, Harbor Maine USA

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Summers are easy in Maine. Winter? Not so much.

As November expires, so, too does our autumn repose. We begin to slip helplessly into the clutches of ice and snow. As compensation, here are a few shots of bridges over the York River in York Harbor, Maine from the high times of summer and as we slip into autumn.


Working waterfronts are endangered in southern Maine. The steady encroachment of residential development is driving property values skyward, and small docks and wharfs out of existence.

Used by the many fishermen and lobstermen living here, these access points to the sea are critical to their trade. A place to dock. A place to unload their catch. And a place to realize their livelihood like so many generations before them.


Fortunately, for us, autumn is the long bridge between these two extreme seasons here in the northeast. A time for reflection on the short, but beautiful summer we just enjoyed. And a time for contemplation of the long, bitter hardships of winter to come.


A bit further downstream, and at the beginning of fall, the York River meanders along. The first tinges of color touch the edges of the deciduous trees lining her banks. Autumn color is a slow burn to a brilliant explosion of red, yellow, orange, and purple. It is a kaleidoscope of color disguising the advance of winter's heavy, white cloak.


So emblematic of the Maine coastline and coastal river ports. Here one can see commercial vessels, pleasure craft, residential piers, and working-boat moorings sharing the York River. There is room for everyone if they will simply protect and advocate for each other's survival.

If current legislation becomes signed, the York River will become the first waterway in Maine to be designated as a Wild and Scenic Partnership River. This special status would invite Federal dollars to aid in protecting the river's environmental and economic impact on the surrounding area.

For over 400 years, since the 1600s, hardy New Englanders have lived by, fished, and farmed alongside this beautiful river. With appropriate protections and cooperation, there's no reason why they cannot enjoy 400 years more.



All photos are those of the author taken with iPhone 7.

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The view is breathtaking. I bet the sunset look amazing from there