Lower Manhattan, after dark!


I had a chance to edit a few images from a shoot last year. My friend Audrey. Sweet, beautiful, patient Audrey. She recently inquired about a distance shoot and I realized I still owed her a few edits. We’re close, so she was fine, but it did feel great to get these done. I actually did a VLOG/tutorial with one of these shots. Almost unusable, under exposed because we were running and gunning through Manhattan, but I thought other photographers would appreciate seeing how I salvage it.

We went guerrilla style through the Financial District of New York. It clears out around 6:00p.m., and just after the sun went down, we met up. She had a few provocative outfits, which was especially fun in public, and no real plan. We just walking around, trying to find light to make whatever images we could. It reminded me of when I first got in to photography. It’s one of the things I love seeing @tarotbyfergus do now. Just raw experimentation. Since Audrey and I are such good friends, there wasn’t much pressure. Just have fun.

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looking good in black 👌