Texas burlesque!


Tonight, I have some new photography to shot from San Antonio, TX. This was my first time in Texas. I booked four shoots and this was the only one in San Antonio. Liv in a burlesque performer and once I announced my Texas dates, she contacted me and booked a dark pinup session. She booked a beautiful, historic hotel in downtown. It was the perfect backdrop for my style of photography and by the time her first outfit was ready, the sun was just starting to go down casting the most beautiful golden hour light in to the room.

There are just the first couple images. She’s been very patient while I’ve been catching up on the work I owe clients in Australia and New Zealand. I just wanted to finish a couple images to send her tonight and post here on the blockchain. Tomorrow should be a complete adventure. I have some catch up with with @eos.detroit. The entire Proxy Prospectus I posted about last month has been translated to Korean and Chinese, and I have some very cool comic art coming with that as well. Thanks for reading! Good night!

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Fantastic photos, well done!