Virtual shoot w/ Midnight Suicide!


I’m going to share a few of those photos here. The models name is Midnight. She’s one of these super famous Instagram influencers/celebrities. Something like 400K followers. I think she made a lot of waves as a Suicide Girl. She’s just a total knockout, but in addition to that, and far more importantly to me, an absolute sweetheart. I shot with Midnight about two years ago in Las Vegas. We worked so well together then, and those were some of my favorite photos of the year. She also shares my love for moody light, lamps and fetish photography.

This was a distance shoot, and the second time I had the very humbling knowledge that she had turned down over a dozen of this virtual shoots. Cervena Fox, whom I posted here a couple weeks ago, said the same. I really put a lot of work in to executing this set up and production, so it was flattering and validating to hear that. We shot almost the entire set in a bathtub. One thing I was most excited to capture is Midnight’s split tongue. It’s a body modification that cuts the tongue down the center. When it heals, you have this badass snake tongue.

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