Virtual shoot w/ tattoo artist and burlesque legend, Cervena Fox!


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cervena and I had plans to shoot together in New York City, then Boston, then LA, and then Vegas. Each time, our schedules didn’t line up for one reason or another. Super bummed, obviously. I never could have imagined that our first time shooting would be with 2,000 miles between us. She was in LA, and I was at home in Minneapolis, and we finally made it happen. I’ve been talking a lot about these distance/virtual shoots here on Hive, and this was an epic execution of the whole approach.

I’ve been giving the models on the other end of these calls a heads up, that they are weird. It’s such a bizarre experience and I know coming out of this peculiar time in our lives, I’ll be saying “Oh, yeah! 2020 was the year that I was doing photo shoots over FaceTime and Zoom calls!”. Sometimes that awkwardness can really affect how these virtual shoots turn out, but Cervena was immediately ready. Hair and make-up done, Playful Promises lingerie and enthusiastic about this crazy ass new frontier to shooting without the photographer present.

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Hi Lars, It've been a long time I din't see ur post..How are u doing? I hope u and ur family safe from covid19 pandemic..beautiful photos ..Have a nice day, Sir

beautiful photoes. Now we are passing very difficult movement. God help us