Virtual shoot w/ Toronto model, Christina!


New work to share after an exhausting day working on the @eos.detroit Proxy Prospectus. I’ve been doing these distance/virtual shoots, partially as a means to stay busy, and partially to keep some degree of revenue coming in to the household. One or two photographers I follow were doing FaceTime sessions. It turns out, they were exactly what they sounded like. Calling a model over FaceTime, more or less directing the shoot, and taking screen shots of the call. I guess from there, editing them. I wasn’t happy with that so I come up with my own approach. See my last few posts.

I set up a distance/virtual shoot with my friend Christina in Toronto. I’ve never met her, but we’ve been friends online for over five years and we’ve always wanted to shoot together. Somehow we’d always miss one another in NYC and LA. I spent some time refining the process and building a big shrine for the antique frame. She called, and we were off. Christina is a legit fashion model, regularly walking in NYFW. She knew her body and poses. It was as close to perfect as a virtual shoot could go. Her phone camera was also killer, and that helped.

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