Snow Inukshuks of Nunavut - A Community Easter Contest

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I have the privilege of living in a very unique spot, up in the arctic circle of Canada. With the Corona crapshow still in full effect, our hamlet decided to carry on with Easter festivities but to do it in a way that still allowed social distancing. One of the more prominent activities was creating easter themed snow scenes. There were a bunch of houses that participated, and I'm afraid my camera froze up from the -30 wind before I could photograph them all. Here is what I captured.

Easter bunnies

With more bunn friends

Egg-head got a heart hat!

Beautifully carved easter bunny

Happy snowman with Maqivvia (Easter) Written in Inuktitut syllabic (I think)

Easter egg decorated with stones and a Snow Ulu, a traditional Inuit knife.

A tiny set of inukshuks. Notice the saw handle in the background. That is how they carve out chunks of hardened snow.

A more familiar snowman, with seals and a polar bear for companions.

A silly snowman lounging lazily. His chest is colored purple.

Smol Squirrel and egg

Inukshuks are also known as Inuksuit by the Inuit.

Arctic Hare

The hollowed out egg to the right of the bunny had a bunch of plastic eggs inside it.

Sadly, this is where my camera died and the weather has taken a bit of a turn with gusts of 65 km/h knocking most of the remaining scenes over or eroding them away with the snow blown as hard as a sandblaster.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my photographs. I use a Nikon P900 in the Black + White Effects setting since the white on white on white is really hard to photograph quickly. At least for someone new to photography it is.

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