Tips on Macro Photos With a Mobile Capital


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When you see the results of my macro photos, maybe you think that this is taking pictures using a lens ..... Honestly, ...... I can't afford to buy a macro lens that is too expensive for me ... So I thought about how to use a mobile phone I am cheap, I have to get photos like macros and without editing ...

Try to look carefully whether it has been edited or not ...? edit is just reducing the light in the image, increasing the contrast and saturation settings to reduce or exaggerate according to the color conditions of the image.

Talking about forests, of course they are connected with animals. Animals are one of the most interesting photo objects and usually professional photographers who consistently pursue wildlife photography or photography in the wild, the wild to photograph wildlife ecosystems and their habitats.

If the object animals do not need to go to a large forest, just go to the zoo.
but talking about photography that produces macro photos, of course, must look for nature that is related to the object.


For photo macros you don't need to have to use an expensive camera, just use a mobile camera. Only use tricks when taking photos.

Here I give tips & tricks.
Of course things to do include:

  1. planning to choose and we have to do is look for locations where many plants are related to insects
    or object used as a macro photo.

  2. When taking photos.
    I usually spend a few hours just observing the movements of the object that I want to take pictures of and find out when is the best time to shoot. Based on my experience, the best time to photograph bees is in the morning between 6-10am, assuming the weather is normal (not cloudy or rainy). There are important reasons for choosing this time span: First, The softest light appears between these timescales. Second. All insects, including bees, will be more sensitive and actively moving as the dew begins to slowly fade and the sun's light will get stronger and brighter.

  3. When taking photo macros you must be friendly with insects, do not get emotional, because insects are small animals that are wild or not docile - You must adjust the camera phonecell according to the size of the macro photo object and Turn on HDR on the camera

  4. When the phoncell camera detects a photo object, you must adjust it to the zoom camera until the auto focus detects the object with the image clearly visible.

  5. When taking pictures of the breath hold so as not to shake the handphone in hand, if the handphone shake then the picture is not visible.

Hopefully useful for you congratulations to try and be creative ....


Time Take :

Saturday, may 23-2020

Exip Data:

Redmi Note 4 Xiaomi (Cell phone)

Taken By @radiv

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