A delicious coffee photo shoot

7개월 전

Hello friends of steemit, today I bring you a photo session that I did in my work as a barista in a coffee shop, I did it when we were closed to the public taking advantage of free time and I helped myself with everything I had on hand (including my softbox and my camera). I hope you like the photos.

The camera that I used for taken all the pictures was a Canon PowerShot SX510 HS.


A cup of coffee and a half

This photo was taken with a bird's eye angle of a cup with some coffee beans next to it.


The three basics of the barista

This photo was taken with a high angle of a cup of coffee with a portafilter and some beans.


The three basics of the barista

Another bird's eye angle, but this time I used the objects from the previous shot.


Coffee without entropy

This photo represents the origin of the drink, which is coffee beans, spilled like any other cup.


the synergy of coffee

Yes, a bird's eye angle, in this case to represent the beginning, that is below, and the after, that is the cup with coffee.

I hope you liked today's photos, soon I will be sharing more shots of other objects or animals. A special thanks to @trafalgar ,@nutbox.mine , @steemcurator01, @upvu and @ranchorelaxo. I hope you like it.

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