One of my favorites is nature biodiversity

2개월 전

People have different weaknesses for everything and every thing is beautiful but there is a little bit of choice in it. That is the difference.The biodiversity of nature is beautiful but there is a weakness in it for my cat. Maybe this weakness is because of its beauty. That is why I like this biodiversity very much.20200513_00083301.jpeg

I named her Mimi and to tell the truth, she looks very sweet and her complexion is a little different which is why I had a weakness for her. she was so sweet to look at when she was very young that I had a different feeling towards her at first sight.Maybe this feeling works for those who love nature's biodiversity towards the things they like.
This is a picture of when we were in town but now I am in the village and I am bringing Mimi with me and trying to take care of her but she is having trouble adjusting to the environment here but we are not trying to let her out of the houseI am doing it to give her opportunities at home.
Anyway, good morning friends, I have a special love and respect for all those who love the diversity of nature and I wish their lives to be full of colour. thank you .

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