Lady in shoes — Original Sexy photo

2년 전

It was a wonderful evening. We fooled around and took cool pics :)

The more I photograph, the more I like to do it. With each new photo, I understand my mistakes, because mistakes are very difficult to correct. I already have a list of mistakes with which I will make a separate post and maybe this will help some photographers.

Soon I want to raise money and go with my wife to photo courses. I like to work with her in a pair. I know something about photo processing, and she has the ability to generate good ideas and poses. Recently, we have been doing everything together and it seems to me that two different views on one situation can create something beautiful and unusual.


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I've always had a thing for feet!

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Good you shared your story of little beginning. I want to encourage you to go for the course. I'm sure there is a lot to learn from it.
Is the lady on the pic your wife? If yes, you out to be cautious.


Hello! Thanks for the support! Yes, I still have a lot to learn. Why do I need to be careful? Tell me more.