Preciosas Margaritas - [En] Beautiful Daisies


Si, nuevamente mis margaritas africanas, preciosas abren cada mañana y elegantemente se despiden durante la tarde, ocultándose tras sus pétalos que parecen coloreados con un pincel.

[En] Yes, once again my beautiful cape daisies open every morning and elegantly say goodbye during the afternoon, hiding behind their petals that seem to be coloured with a brush.

F/5.6 | ISO/400 | EXP-1/125 seg | D.F - 140 mm | Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i

F/5.6| ISO/400 | EXP-1/80 seg | D.F - 140 mm | Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i

F/5.6 | ISO/400 | EXP-1/1250 seg | D.F - 90 mm | Camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Imágenes capturadas bajo la luz del atardecer y aquí puede verse como están preparándose para una noche más. Feliz sábado.

[En] Images captured under the sunset light and here you can see how they are preparing for another night. Enjoy your Saturday.

All photographs are my property, are taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i or an iPhone 11.
© All Rights Reserved.
Coimbra, Portugal.

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