Easter baby

3개월 전

I didn't even know yesterday was Easter until I was at least halfway through the day.
The quarantine has completely destroyed my concept of time.

The first half of my day was rough... I woke up grumpy, and it got worse.
After a midday meltdown in which I angrily threw stuff all over the place, I decided to clean my room. Getting my space organized was very helpful.
As my mind and my space cleared, Flo the baby doll was all like "Hey, look at me! Check out my halo!"
It was pretty cool, so we took some photos.


Flo's halo took the last bit of anger out of my system.


She has the kind of halo that can only be seen in shadow, but if that weren't true, I would have to wear sunglasses at home!

I hope the quarantine isn't stealing your sanity, Steemit.

Live long and prosper.

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In case you don't need those creepy dolls anymore, you can give them to me!