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I would get the last one - with that, you can alternate (between full body and feet) with your partner too.


Actually, that one made me laugh the most because without knowing what it is, the picture does look strange. It's not so expensive unlike the full-sized wooden ones. Maybe I will buy it with the Covid-19 money I get since I cannot leave the country yet.

That last one is kind of funny looking, but I realize it's a promotional shot. That said, it's probably the most versatile from a utility standpoint.

At our previous house, we created a built-in by converting a closet. The insulation and wood was not cheap but it sure was nice to have. The most expensive part was actually the electrician who put in a new wire run to the fuse box, because they draw so much power.

Bright Blessings!


I do think it is a nice cheap option.
I have also thought about converting an unused closet into a sauna. However, I don't own my apartment.