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@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

#sbi-skip !trdo


Hugs to you @amico.... You think @kenistyles will be back to steem soon? LOL

I hope so!!


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Querida amiga @artemislives En este día y a esta hora te enviamos nuestra energía que sale de nuestra buena intención por querer contribuir con la salud física y espiritual de tu nuevo amigo.
No tenemos conocimiento de nada de este tema, pero lo que sí podemos ver es un corazón hermoso y una gran entrenamiento que tienes en este tema, no solo la parte técnica sino la parte emotiva y de mucho amor a los demás, te agradecemos en nombre de esa persona y de miles de personas que como él encuentra una mano amiga, alguien que puede cuidarlo sin conocerlo y brindar un poco de su energía para sanar sus dolencias.
Por personas como tú GRACIAS!!
Dear friend @artemislives On this day and at this time we send you our energy that comes from our good intention to contribute to the physical and spiritual health of your new friend.

We have no knowledge of anything about this topic, but what we can see is a beautiful heart and a great training you have in this area, not only the technical part but the emotional part and a lot of love for others, we thank you on behalf of that person and thousands of people who like him find a helping hand, someone who can take care of him without knowing him and give a little of his energy to heal.

For people like you THANK YOU!


Sending love to you in Venezuela - always such amazing bilingual comments!! :) Look forward to more @threespeak from the Kantoria soon!

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This week we had many rehearsals and concerts my dear @artemislives, but our teacher has had problems with his phone camera, we will try to borrow some other device to record and be able to continue uploading material.
We are even singing a beautiful song for "El AGUA", I hope you can hear it soon.

oh my god
just another day in the life of marike! im pretty sure you have a large team of angels and deities working hard behind the scenes to make sure you are in the right place at the right time.. angel! <3 bless u xxxx


I have a very simple philosophy - we all simply have to be alert and responsive to that which the universe sets before us each day. That's it. Don't need to "find our purpose" LOL. Just be there, when it's needed and when it counts for others - and be for them what you would like others to be for you.

Is enough. x


Yes! Esp if ur an angel ;)

What a blessing that you were passing by at the right place and right time!! Hopefully he will recover very soon and things will turn out well for him.


Yes, we never quite know when we will be called on to be a blessing to others. I also hope he can live the next part of his life more gently, with enough food and shelter and medical care. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Bless your big beautiful heart!
So happy you were there and could direct that healing energy to that man who so greatly needed it!
Is cannabis oil legal there in Thailand for medical purposes?
Is Cannabis a native plant there?
Here's hoping the man gets the care he needs!


Cannabis oil IS legal here and (amazingly) the same hospital that has the IDP ward where he was admitted also has a new FREE Cannabis Clinic. I think, however, the FREE part only relates to Thai citizens and legal people, of which he is not one. Thai government is working hard to make cannabis a serious export and medical tourism product.


Cannabis is indigenous to South East Asia and particularly Northern Thailand - it's called "weed" cos that's how it grows here - no gro-lights needed! Chiang Mai used to also be one of the opium capitals of the world.

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What a day! I hope he is okay! And well done on your parts, a lot of people wouldn't have helped sadly :/