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FINALLY! I know many have asked and I have been talking about making this video for over a year now. I really wish I had taken the time to do it sooner so you could get the full idea of what it was like before and watch it grow after. Now that we are mid-way through clean up you won't have seen the really big messes but you'll still get a good idea of what it looks like and watch it grow with us! Check out where our new medicine gardens are, our sacred circle, our wildflower area, nut orchard, and so much more! :)

This is a long video but we go over some tips and may inspire you with some ideas. I hope you enjoy it!

Lots more to come. I'll do another video to show the progress once the baby trees start growing.

With lots of love
-Kindred Acres

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I seldom watch videos, too hard for me to learn from. But this one was very good!

I've ordered a serviceberry for this year. How far apart did you plant the serviceberries?

You've done so much work on the far front! We have the swamp area up front, much smaller than yours. The multiflora rose is the worst, and the grape vines intertwine in them. We keep them knocked back from the pasture fencing, but mostly leave them alone. They stabilize the bank of the swamp.

In regards to videos, if you could do what @mountainjewel did, put up both photos and videos in the same post.

But I am looking forward to seeing how the work progress.


Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad to hear you felt it was informative. I hope to do more detailed/informative ones coming up.

As far as the serviceberry, it depends on what variety you have. Do you know what variety? We planted the Apple Serviceberry which is a self-pollinating type. It gets large (25-30 ft) so we did that as a standalone on the backside of the sacred circle. The two you saw in the video are Saskatoon Serviceberry which don't get as big (they top off at about 16') and are best planted in pairs approx 3' apart but can be planted as far as 60' apart and still be fine for cross-pollination. There are many varieties of Serviceberry so in order to know how far apart you should plant yours, it is best to know what variety you have.

As for the pictures, I often do add pictures and videos in one post but there really wasn't much to show as far as pictures since everything is dormant and I wasn't actively doing the chop and drop. When I do my tutorials I can do pictures along the way.


I'm not at home so I can't check but I think I got the Saskatoon.


I'm not at home so
I can't check but I think I
Got the Saskatoon.

                 - goldenoakfarm

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