Humans greatest fear that could be treated naturally


..We made look dreadful when they’re not!

For healthy and young people, thinking about health do not matter to them much. But at old age; when we get sick often, that’s when we start to worry more and more. Did you know that health is the biggest fear for most people in this life?


A friend said that he used to be very afraid of his health then as a banker in the city. He said and I quote; “I used to be much afraid when I want leave banking, I’ve worked as a banker for several years”. According to him, he thinks the city is not fit for humans, city is a place for robots 🤖 that doesn’t care about anything; they just care about money.

He made up his mind not to live in the city anymore, so he started making plans to quit his job to go back to his hometown and start a new life again. According to him, he had a lots of good dream on how he can make his life better than in the city. But his biggest fear was that if he quit his job, he’ll not have any health insurance anymore, and what if he gets sick after quitting his job?

He became very confused at that time. His health became his biggest challenge and fear. So he started asking questions on his decision to quit his job and go back to his hometown. He was stocked on the uncertainty of his health with a job and without insurance. My friend kept thinking about this issue for many days.

Why do we feel afraid of sickness and death?


Why are humans worry so much over health issues and death? The truth is that both two are inevitable events that will occur at their time. Sickness and death is part of the circle of our existence. If sickness/weakness and death are normal and part of our existence, why should I be worried about them so much? It only shows that I not normal. It’s not normal to be worried about getting sick and eventually die.

Take for instance, someone afraid of darkness so that anytime the sun is about to set, he/she becomes more afraid because of darkness. It’s not normal to be afraid of the of darkness and night knowing fully well that darkness and night are normal things that happens and must happen day by day. Darkness comes every 12 hours, therefore if I should be afraid of darkness that comes every 12 hours, it means I’m not normal.

Sickness and death is just as normal as the illustration above. This understanding will now make in to think about the good side of sickness knowing that we can not push it away, it’s here with us. Everything in this world has positive and negative side if you prefer putting it that way, but my point is that it takes both negative and positive side to have a meaning!

We also see the negative side of sickness without giving a dam on the positive side of sickness.

What is the positive side of sickness?


It is an investigation that should be carried out in the mind. Many people have given deep though on this issue and became astonishing on their findings. This is journey that will change you totally from seeing things like ordinary people.

Sickness isn’t absolutely bad as we tagged it, there’re numerous good side of sickness:

Sickness a unique part of our lives that comes anytime want to come or is triggered by events and our lifestyle.

Sickness is a signal from our body that tells us that we’re not getting it right, that we’ not at the right place or doing the right thing.

Sickness is a language of the body that we can easily pick up and utilize for our betterment; it tells us that something is not right and that we need to change something.

So whenever we gets sick, it calls for an immediate pause to ongoing activities, and pay close attention to the signals from the body, listen to the message from the body to know what it’s saying to us. Message of the body is always urgent and critical which needs immediate attention. The attention should start from queries;

  • What did I do wrong, am I at the wrong place, did I eat bad food, what type of food have I been taking, are there chemicals in it, are they nutritious enough, are they enough in quantity, are they much in quantity, am I taking them at the right time.


  • What is the type of activities that I’m into, am I being stressed up, am I exercising my body well.

If we consider these things, we may recall where we missed it, maybe through what we eat, where we are, and what we do that led to sickness.


Food is the first area to consider thoroughly, if we cannot connect the dots on what we eat, then we now come back to what we did wrong; we have to investigate our activities; our work, are we dealing with chemicals or close to radio activities. We have to investigate if we’re taking risks in our jobs; out climate exposures; are they too hot or too cold. Do we work too much or too hard.

These things helps us to retreat and contemplate more on your work. If we couldn’t find any problem from our work, then we come back to our thoughts.

What are we thinking about, are they right or wrong? Do you know that many times we engage our mind wrong thinking. Wrong thought are those things that are against the nature, against the truth and normal things. These thought pattern can cause problems.

Example of these bad thinking is when we have broken heart which leads to sadness, and you know that sadness and anger is a heavy emotional stress. Sometimes we loss appetite from anger, we lose sleep. All these causes a lot of unrest and tension in the brain. Lack of food in the stomach, lack of sleep, before you it, it develops into health problems.


In conclusion

If we experience rejection, betrayal, disappointment, failures etc. when such things happen, remember that there’re billions of people in the world. Instead of hurting yourself at a spot of relationship, business, beliefs that causes you pain, why not let go and try again, try other people.

Well, this is where I’ll stop on this part of our discussion on our fear, sickness and our health. I hope you enjoyed it and are willing to apply things discussed.

Yours Max

Pictures are sourced from pixabay



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