The problem of too much dependence on monetary system


Let’s go back to natural ways of doing things.

The ancient wisdom.

Welcome to my blog dear dear. Let’s look some of human structures and way of life that may need reconsideration especially in this time of many crisis.

Many people doesn’t have a job, no money anywhere which has propagated more fear and worries in people because when some tiny problem happens, it impacts in every system of our lives. This is because humans designed their life to depend so much on monetary system. Therefore, when anything have impact on money, it impacts our lives immensely and immediately.


Now we’ve learned this, that we do not rely on ourselves but we rely too much on money that any slightest shake on money impacts so much on us. This is a big lesson even here in Nigeria where I’m writing from. In Africa and in some ancient continent, there’re still this old way of living, we called it ancient wisdom. In Africa, people still do farming applying the ancient method. People like me, we cultivate, we dry, and we preserve for our consumption and sales.

This method of micro farming has made it that most people still have food store in their house which they consume in time of crisis, they have vegetables in their gardens, and fishes and meats in their possession.

So when this covid crisis started in Nigeria, many people living inside the city who depends so much in money suffered it most because most of them didn’t see it coming. Many business went into bankruptcy and eventually closed up while some shade off their workers without mercy. Now the only hope for these kind of individuals was to go back to their villages, at least their were sure for food safety in the village, and this is what they eventually did. Many in the urban areas came back and depend on the food that we farmer stored in our treasury. This type of scenario do happen often around the world, and each time, it’s the city people that feels more of the impact while people in the villages doesn’t feel any changes happening in the lives as the result of economic mudslides.

This Corona virus 🦠 has sent many people back home to their villages after their companies closedown, and no jobs in the city for them, and their only hope is upon their relatives in the village. What are these things telling us?

I think this should be a good lesson for human to think about self reliance more. Self reliance in the sense that we can balance our way of life, not relying on monetary system alone which means that when there’s a problem with money, then we all invariably share from the problem.

Crisis never end, in the near future, there will be more crisis waiting for humans, maybe our monetary system might collapse or Dollar, Euro might collapse, we don’t know, but if such thing should happen, what’s is our back?

Many currencies may collapse because money has lost it purpose as a tool in making our lives easy anymore. Now we use money to take advantage of other people, fiats monetary system has be deteriorated so much that there’s so much abuse today. We now use money the wrong way. So money will not many long from now, it’ll collapse someday.

How prepared are you


If fiat monetary system collapse today, how prepared are you and I? That’s why we should give some thought to negative possibilities at times so that we can prepare well. Through considering this like these, we can then be able to see opportunities and positive ways waiting for us. We can’t just fold our hands hoping that someone is going to come and solve these problems someday. But if we do, please who is that someone?

Most times, the people that we look up to as messiahs who can solve our problem and put end to crisis befallen us ends up making more money from us, spoiling and vandalizing the system further. They want to take advantage of us more and more all in the name of fixing our many problems.

I think it’s the appropriate time to think about crisis especially now that almost everything is with a problem. Maybe this is the right time to change the way that we think because once it comes, we may not have opportunity to think well again.

Taking our eyes off topics like this is like someone who never believe that he or she will someday fall sick, therefore, he never give thought on how to treat himself neither does he plan on how to manage himself at such challenging times.

Many people think that there’s no problem with the world economy, they believe that it will go back the same way maybe after the crisis, that’s just mere positive thinking, it’s just a mirage. We must be realistic. If it doesn’t end turn well as we wish, what shall we do? We’re in a time when things that happens are majorly unexpected, these unexpected will continue to happen because there’s no balance in the whole system anymore.

We should be prepared for a big collapse, and to be prepared is very important thing.

Let’s come back and ask ourselves, if such collapse happen, how can we survive it? Join me in my coming article and see how.

Skill acquisition and development.


We’re natural being, meaning that we can survive more if we develop ourselves and rely more within ourselves than in ephemeral things that we’ve created such as money. It’s time each individual learn skills, we have time to now to develop ourselves, let’s not overlook those natural things that can help us more at those ugly times.

This is the peak of capitalism era, after now, it’ll start going down and when it’s going down, we must develop a second plan. This second place should be initiated from asking ‘what if’. I think that the lessons from around the world right now warrants that we also consider the old natural ways and system of survival in the time of economic crisis. Let’s bring it back, let’s apply those methods of food and water security in case it happens that there’s no money in our hands in the face of crisis or when the money has no value and cannot used to by anything, then we can survive and help ourselves.

It’s not hard to go back. Such wisdom is still in us which sustained and made humans happy for many thousand years. Let’s go back to local farming, local food, natural medicine, natural preservation methods, and local techniques of solving problems individually. This knowledge to me is important because it helped human to survive on earth for many past years, but now that we’ve turned into consumerism system, we’ve relinquished all the old natural system; we just rely on monetary system, we now rely on high technology. Humanity has embarked on techniques, a system that they cannot manage well, we cannot control it, we cannot solve them easily.

So what we’re discussing now is an honorable way of living. Let’s bring our lives back and develop it more. It’s doesn’t mean that will go back and start living like the ancient people, no, but we can bring the ancient wisdom back and develop it further to make it fit our lives at this era so that we can survive happily no matter what happens to, be it economic crisis, pandemic or otherwise.

If we prepare well naturally, then we can have less fear in our lives, then life will be more fun. Fear isn’t fun, fear is a pandemic that has blocked us happiness. When we have less fear, we attract more happinesses. There’s still time now to trace our way back to the ancient wisdom leading to different ways of living and solving problems. The way we’re living now in the whole world is monopolized by one system; everyone thinks the same way, live the same way, act the same way; and all that we think is MONEY. This is the most unsecured way of thinking. Please guys we need more diversity; diversity of thinking, diversity of living, diversity is security and it’s sustainable, diversity is beauty. Each country can develop different ware of living which we all can share. We can live together, even those we may seem different, but we can exchange the techniques and learn from each other. Let’s practice genuine love for humanity and stop the game of power, control and money that are being played around the world.


This will help us to survive easily and safely on earth, remember, the future is as important as now. If we mess up this world today, we’ll live to face it’s consequences years to come because the earth is our only possession till the end.

***Some pictures are credited to pixabay while some are my original pictures.


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