Try to find an eye match and you will find the solution

2개월 전

I am going to write in the community after a long time. I hope that all my readers are well and I always wish them well.The solution to many things is around us, we just have to look for it with a little eye contact.So friends, I have tried to write today's content, I hope you will like it from my personal thoughts.

Today I will talk about a very well known fruit. I hope you know a little bit about this fruit but I will try to give my personal opinion.One of the most important fruits in our country is lemon which is also used as a fruit and medicinal plant.Today's pictures were taken at a relative's house and I actually went there and saw such a beautiful lemon. Then I thought that I should tell you something about lemons.Originally these lemons were native varieties of lemons and now many varieties of lemons are available in our country but the quality of native varieties of lemons is a little different.
People in our country get a sore on their face due to eating too much betel nut. This sore does not want to dry for a long time so I think those who suffer from this problem should eat vitamin C rich food and since lemons are rich in vitamins so lemon is a very useful fruit for mouth sores.So naturally if you want a solution for mouth sores then I can say in one word that there is no substitute for lemon.
Many of us have a reluctance to eat and I think the benefits of lemons are very important to overcome this reluctance because eating lemons often restores the taste of food in the mouth.For many people who suffer from skin diseases, I think vitamin-C is often very important in the elimination of their skin diseases, so in this case, lemon will be very important for those of you who suffer from skin diseases.After all, lemons are actually a very beneficial fruit and natural medicinal plant.So try to eat lemon and stay fresh and beautiful.20200803_15535501.jpeg

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