My Journey To Mindfulness!

2년 전

I wake up everyday, with the best intentions, to be positive, to make time to be creative with my girls and to be more mindful in all that I do. But then life kicks in and the plans that I have made, don't always work out the way that I imagined they would. Life is complex and full of contradictions.


As a parent, we often place a lot of expectations on ourselves, to be present, to be a guide and to provide for our children. I really feel the pressure sometimes, as a single parent, trying to fill all of these roles. I want the best for my girls and there are times that I stretch myself thin.

I don't want to get annoyed and be spilling out irritation, and impatience. as some things never get done or take way to long to happen. I'm sure we all get frustrated, it's a pretty natural reaction to experience as a parent. I crave more balance and mindfulness in those moments, allowing me to tap into my inner reserve of power and to focus that energy on being more grateful for all that I have in life.

It is so easy to get carried away in the moment, to forget to breathe and to take stock. To stop that inner dialogue, that pushes me to do better and to be better. But instead to remember that I am already complete and whole. I can let those thoughts flow, I just have to choose not to follow them.

We are mostly geared towards embracing our positive thoughts and emotions. Holding on to the joy and contentment that we experience in motherhood, pushing away the anger and self doubt that we also experience. This causes a lot of internal conflict within, as we deny a part of who we are.

We gain so much power, when we find our strength and begin to acknowledge and embrace the dual sides of ourselves. Allowing us to let go of any sense of limitation.

I have been working on letting go of old habits, of the many patterns of conditioning that I grew up with. To shake off that which no longer serves me. Because all of those things, hold me back and prevent me from creating new possibilities. As I gain more awareness and understanding, I can see how much I have grown. How I can now tap into that inner stillness, more easily, don't get me wrong it is not always easy, but knowing that it is there is sometimes all that I need. Trusting in my inner strength.

Being able to to connect with my intuition,that which connects me with my heart wisdom. To be more compassionate and creative. I need to take the time to close my eyes and breathe deeply, opening my heart and allowing it to guide me. Taking time to slow down and observe all the beauty that surrounds me. I love getting to see the world anew, through the eyes of my children. To watch them interact with nature and see the wonder and excitement in their eyes.

Being able to recognize the magic that flows in life and tapping into that magic is what enables us to be mindful. To find our breathe, to slow down and be present, to open our heart's energy, allows us to embrace and love our imperfections. So that we can live a more balanced life and connect with our creative flow!


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I started off your post with the word parent. I believe that during covid, we have become more attached to our family and we forget the cheerfulness of the outside world. Pandemic parenting is much more challenging than doing other hefty tasks. During this time, we must do the relaxation sessions for our own peace and bliss.