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Good night everybody in Knitrias Project, today I would like to comment on the importance of proper preventive maintenance on the express machine.


Normally, the cleaning of the express machine in most establishments only covers the external part, of course it is important to have it presentable to the public but it is of no use when everything else is dirty.


But here we can appreciate that underneath what seems to be "clean" we find dirt, coffee grounds, waste and dust from a poor cleaning of the machine.

Although in this area it does not directly affect the taste of the coffee, it is totally unhygienic and can attract insects (flukes and cockroaches) that will give a bad appearance to the establishment and can lead to legal problems as well as health problems with the diners.


The tools for preventive maintenance are simple, a pair of pliers (preferably snappy), screwdrivers and a wrench that fits the nuts of the machine to be worked on.


The parts that make up the tray are easy to remove as they are not screwed anywhere.

This is the easiest thing to clean. (And yet many people don't do it because they are lazy or because "they don't get paid for it")


One problem with this machine was the constant flow of water when the tray was filled.

This was caused by a blockage in the drain that prevented the flow of water to the drain.

The cause: No cleaning, the staff preferred to clean the floor of dirty water than to clean the espresso machine, probably due to lack of training in this aspect.


Another problem was that the drainage hose had a slight bend before going to the pipe and this prevented the solid coffee waste from going with the water if not accumulating and generating a large plug of coffee in the pipe, another reason for the overflow of wastewater.


After cleaning up waste and uncovering the drain, big change.

Solved the problem of the water spill.


And we'd have our machine clean and functional.

By training our staff or ourselves we can save a maintenance service that ranges from $50 for a basic cleaning to $200 for a more complete maintenance due to lack of prevention in the machine.

In the next part we will see the preventive maintenance to the group and the steamer, I hope you have learned and like this type of content.


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