The absolute beauty of nature all around us

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The best things in life are free - fresh air, friendship and the theme of today's post - nature. Nature surrounds us, and often we are oblivious to it or take it for granted. Especially in an urban environment, it's easy to dismiss it or not see it at all. I've recently moved from an urban environment to a rural environment myself and although I'd always appreciated the importance of fresh air, this move has helped me to readjust and appreciate the rural lifestyle all the more. Let me share some photos with you to give you a feel for what I'm talking about.






We are very lucky to have this temporary location to call home and we are very much going to take advantage of being deep in the countryside for four to five weeks. It's been a big change for our three boys and they are all really embracing it and each of them love the new country surroundings. Their new brown haired neighbours may have something to do with it. They are all loving the horses and why wouldn't they. They are beautiful, strong and majestic animalsa and I'm quite taken with them myself. I know @ewkaw is a big animal lover, so I'd say these horses are right up your street.





Broadband Issues

As you can appreciate, the broadband network here is patchy at best, given the rural area. It is a wireless provider with slow speeds, so although I have around 100 photos, I want to share, the uploads are painfully slow, so I could only upload a few.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing the ones I did upload. Do me favour, no matter where you are, urban or rural, take some time to smellbthe coffee and look at the flowers. It's the simple things in life which can be most pleasing.

Thanks as always for stopping by.

Peace Out

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