Hero's courage

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True heroes don't wear capes

What is a real hero like? If there's one thing Marvel and DC have taught me, it's that heroes come with incredible powers and combat abilities. Hulk was always my favorite why? It is that this man of green color and unbalanced strength walks around the world controlling his anger, and is not anger one of the most recurrent problems we face? Anyway, the idea is that, despite the fact that Spider-man, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are only real in comics and those movies with too many budgets, here in our real world we also have heroes, and sometimes they hide very well your identity.

Heroism is not necessarily about rescuing red-haired damsels, that is, there are many actions that lead us to bring out that "good, agile and brave" side of ourselves. Being a hero goes beyond super powers, because it is our actions, behaviors and attitudes that will really serve as a shield and the best weapon to fight against the worst villains in the universe: injustice, selfishness, intolerance and hatred. We don't need to be Captain America to save life. Those allegories of the comics invite us to look for that "hero" within ourselves. You may not be able to imitate the Hulk's great moves and abilities, but you can focus on improving the world the way he does.


We already know that a hero is a good person, yes, but what defines him? Significantly, they are his feats, but what are those feats that move heroes? Many times the extraordinary tends to be confused with the impossible. To explain this, let's make a little comparison between Spider-man and a common fireman who goes around putting out the flames. You, of course, will define the winner:


Spider-man has incredible powers. He can swing through buildings with his cobwebs, his reflections are sharper than a hawk's and his strength helps him stop a whole train, isn't it? Peter Parker has saved the planet 7 times, both from the threat of a green goblin and the terrible evil of a scientist seeking revenge. Also, he has indulged in technology and now his cobwebs even have micro chips. Well, yes, the feats that this man blessed by spiders have given the world are great, the only problem is that it only exists in comics and movies, which for some reason always change the actors and the whole kernel of the movie plot.


Firefighters put out fires, risking their own lives to save everyone caught in the fire. They also rescue cats from the trees and sometimes dance reggaeton. They also have strength, not on the level of Spider-man, however their dexterity, agility, and responsiveness make them super human. Their feats are incredible, because the simple act of rescuing lives makes them extraordinary. They are heroes of flesh and blood, facing all kinds of risks and dangers, they demonstrate their goodness, commitment and solidarity with the world. And yes, firefighters appear both in movies and in reality, and they have great costumes. Amazing, right?

So which hero is more extraordinary? Spider-man or a firefighter? Of course, the world is one of realities, and the best feats are not those that are seen on television in some movie with great special effects. The truly extraordinary feats we do when we demonstrate that degree of compassion and kindness, as well as ethics and solidarity with those who need it most. Here the concept of heroism is not subjective with fiction, because somehow that of "being good" can be done even by not throwing garbage into the environment. Looking around us and becoming volunteers for justice and good actions is that we can eradicate the evil of the world, which materializes in hatred, resentment, selfishness, prejudice... and so on.

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