Enjoying the postal work 乐此不疲的邮政工作

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Her assigned work unit is not far from her home, but at the end of the postal work every day, she has to go to the branch office to hand over her shift. The branch office is just the opposite direction from home, so it is relatively far

She works in two shifts every day, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and if she works in the afternoon, she takes over from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m

Then, after concluding the work of the day, I will submit all the business emails of the day to the branch office for unified delivery in person in the closing report. For example, the remittance of cash should be handed over to the branch to the cashier, express mail/registered mail/parcel 📦 waiting for the mail issued on the same day need to be handed over to the branch by the postman himself, if it is a large parcel to call the driver to pick up the branch

If it is the driver can not come to the case, the postal staff to find their own way! So actually postmen work very hard and busy

However, the more she did it, the more she became interested in it, so she was cautious and conscientious in her work, but she did not like to carry large parcels to the sub-bureau every day, because she always thought it was hard to look like riding a small donkey to carry big things



然后总结一天的收尾工作后,结账日报表再将一天的营业所有邮件全部要亲自交到分局统一发出…… 比如汇款现金要交到分局交接给出纳员,特快专递/挂号信/包裹📦等待当天发出的邮件都需邮政员自己去分局交班,如果是大件包裹才能打电话通知分局司机来接送



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