A Brave Son Supporting His Mother In This Corona

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Transportation is unavailable due to the lockdown. Ambulances could not be found even after contacting different places. So the man is running to the hospital on a motorcycle with an oxygen cylinder tied on his back to save his mother.

The search revealed that the sick woman's name was Rehana Parveen. She is corona positive. Lives in Nalcity municipal town of Jhalokati district. Her elder son's name Ziaul Hasan is an officer of Krishi Bank's Jhalokati branch and the other is police SI name Mehedi Hasan.

Naeem Hossain, son of Rehana Parveen's sister, said her aunt Rehana Parveen was 56 years old. She is an assistant teacher at Nolcity Port Government Primary School. A few days ago, corona symptoms appeared on his body. When the samples were taken to the Nolcity Upazila Health Complex for testing, they collected the samples.

But after a week the report was not received and the sample was given again at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital. Her corona came positive last Thursday. He was kept in isolation at home on the advice of doctors at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital. As the oxygen saturation level decreases, oxygen is given through the cylinder. But on Saturday afternoon his severe shortness of breath began.

Citing his son Ziaul Hasan, Naeem said that due to the lockdown, the traffic on the road is very limited. And no one wanted to take her (Rehana Parveen) to the hospital because she was positive. An ambulance could not be found anywhere. In this condition, his shortness of breath increases.

So the son Ziaul Hasan left with his mother on his motorcycle. The mother tied an oxygen cylinder to his back so that his mother would not get too sick due to lack of oxygen along the way. His mother was wearing an oxygen mask.

Until the last news, Rehana Parveen has been admitted to the corona unit of Barisal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital, confirmed by her sister's son Naeem Hossain.

Hats off to the son who supported her mother's critical condition in this pandemic.

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