Happy Bengali New Year- 1428 (Pohela Boishakh) | Bangladesh

4개월 전


Today is the first day of Bangla new year 1428. Mostly people celebrate this day traditionally but this year for corona pandemic people can't celebrate it in a traditional way. This is the beginning of summer season.

Basically this new year celebration is very famous in Asia. Many people celebrating this day at their indoor by wearing traditional cloths and cooking traditional foods.

This is a part of Bengali tradition. Most of the time cultural event thrown in this day and people perform song, dance and reciting poems in our own language.

For corona pandemic this year and last year the celebration is off but as I mentioned that many tradition lovers and followers still celebrating it inside home.

Hilsha fish curry and rice with water is a traditional menu of this day. This day may not celebrate internationally but its connected with the heart of Bengali nation. People missing their old day's new year celebration as they could not celebrate it properly this year and last year.

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