Sister Comes After The Mother

3개월 전

After seeing the image below I think of the concept to write. And this photo is about sister's love to her newborn sibling.

These kind of photos melt my heart and I think about people who have a sister like a mother. Those people are so lucky!!!

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I have heard from my father that when I was a new born baby my sister took me to her lap and she had skin rash for having me on her lap. This make me feel bad because I'm not as good sibling as my sister.

I get angry and in childhood we had big fights. We stopped talking for weeks and months but we didn’t stopped loving. We shared bed and room and in my sleep I often hugged her even we had big fights in real life. This make me shy and laugh at me.

My sister make me feel lucky to have her in my life and she can be consider as the second mother. She is responsible and very much dedicated to me and she deserves a better sibling than I.

She may never tell me that she loves me but she will show it with her activities. Her love is selfless. Its true no one can be replaced with a mother but a good sister can be a best friend and second mother.

My respect to all sister of this world who never stopped loving her siblings. God bless you sisters! Hats off to you!

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