Strong People Doesn't Waste Time On Taking Revenge But Weak People Does.

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This is very natural to feel down when trying to pull you down, If I'm silent, let things go and do not taking any revenge that doesn't mean that I'm weak. I just don't want to waste my energy to negative people.

Life is not a bed velvet touch of rose petals and we need to face so many negative things in life. Just keep going on, if some people are your enemies and doing back biting just need to keep calm and we should keep continue our good job. When some people pulling you down just believe that you are doing something really great and those are jealous with you and they don't want to see you as a successful person.

Sign of strong person is to keep calm and keep doing continue good job. Never try to proof yourself to negative people because they knows that you are the best and that's why they have chosen you to pull down. The things you deserve today or tomorrow you'll get. I believe in revenge of nature.

So I don't like to waste my time taking revenge as I feel myself strong enough and I forgive those persons who tried to pull me down. This is very common in life that whenever we try to do something good, our enemies try to attack us and if we focus on that attack they become successful in their mission.

I prefer to zip my mouth and just enjoy the show they will perform. I'll smile, forgive , let things go and I will grow up and if I can't grow up by chance I won't take revenge. I have learned a lot from life and still learning and I wish enemies also realize one day their mistake.

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