5 ways to win your heart!


My heart? It is not about so much winning it I am concern here, it is about value of someone that I need to give my heart to. Is it worth it to give your heart to someone? Think twice...

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My supervisor once advised me, you only live a University life once, so appreciate and value this time because it will not turn back and if you do repeat this life, it won't be the same. I did listen to him and I am not regret and had enjoyed every single moment with these folks I called FRIENDS.


Talking too much shows your personality and your self-worth. Too much talk will present too much flaws and losing focus. The best thing about them, they talked only when it is needed and if they talk, they only deliver a valuable one. That shows their self-worth and matured personality.


Outlook represents ourselves. Seeing is believing and first impression usually wins almost 60% of our self presentation and the rest is on our own inner belief. It is not necessarily need to be lavish, costly and pricey. As long as you look presentable, neat and tidy is good enough for me and you hit a bonus if you smells good too 🥰I believe every religion had taught us to take care of our self hygiene and be presentable when meeting other people.


We, eastern people just rich with our politeness and respect towards others especially to the elders. This is what made us unique. Respect shows that we have high sense of sensitivity and value towards others. What made my friends here win my heart was they showed respect to each other and gave their full commitments without hesitation nor questioning.


They lead by example. They all have their own strength and uniqueness. All of them were expert in their own way. They have high principle and value for themselves. Until today, all of them had successfully build their own family and had an industrious and passionate job in the world. Proud of all of them! 😇


I am really value people with highly independent and work hard to improve themselves. I actually admire them. They will find a way in the first place and not just rather ask how to do without putting an effort. Once they hit the wall and cannot find the answer, then only they came to ask for help. This kind of people will value hardship and when they value hardship, they will talk nicely and think wisely. Furthermore, their sense of sincerity will light up upon their faces and we can actually feel it. That's the beauty of independent.

With all these values, I think it is worth a lot for me to open my heart and value them above all the other friendship in the world. Take care guys. We have gone through all blood, sweat and tears together and may this friendship give us blessing and may He guide us towards the righteous path to His paradise.

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