Life is a struggle

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Hi my friends super steemians all.
Tonight I want to story' about life, Struggle or sacrifice in one's life is very necessary in the life of a human who lives in this real world, so it can be said that in one's life it can be said that one must struggle or strive to achieve the desires or ideals that you want to achieve eitherin the field of material and everyday life we ​​often hear or often say about struggles in human life, but it is very difficult to carry out but basically there is nothing difficult for us to do when someone has reached a real awareness of itthe importance of struggle in the life of a human being to achieve the desires or ideals that you want to achieve.

"Life is a struggle" that's how the British say that life is a struggle. This means that in life there must be an effort from us to be able to move forward. When someone doesn't have the enthusiasm to move forward, then one can be sure that person will be a loser for the rest of his life the person can only blame circumstances, themselves and others. For that whoever we are, if we want to be successful then there must be a struggle in this life.

Seeing the above understanding, if we examine it more deeply, it would be better if we have to strive as much as possible to achieve the success we want to achieve, we often hear words like strive to the end, the meaning of words like that we muststrive or make every effort in this life, so that we can reap the fruits of the success that we planted during our struggling period.



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