The world keeps stopping


The life of being trapped in a mask has already been going on for several months. A new virus encountered with no record of fighting. A new epidemic that is unfamiliar to humans today is widespread in action all over the world and is binding people's hands and feet. As the different lifestyles last longer than expected, groanings leak out from all walks of life. There are more and more people suffering socioeconomic difficulties, but it is difficult to find a clue for recovery.

Each society responds systematically and puts great effort into preventing the spread of the virus, but many people are exhausted from the long run. Although the size and shape of pain differs from one to another, most of the members of society are having a difficult time, so I cannot blame others for my unhappiness or reward myself for being difficult. A disease that took away even the time to drink a cup of coffee while having a light chat with an acquaintance. They have already endured, conceded, and endured a lot of things, but each one's frustrated heart is disheartening because there is no way to be comforted.

I too was trapped in the room all weekend.

Half of the ruler, half of the other. In the news every day, there was a story that the Corona was on the rise. Repetition of daily life in which crisis is well overcome and another crisis comes. In the past couple of months, after the Gwanghwamun rally in August, the virus that had spread and caused mass infection was quieting, and people started outdoor activities again. Before winter, when the amount of outdoor activity decreases further, he wanted to enjoy the autumn sunlight to the fullest in the snow. But, savagely, the virus once again left people's hands and feet, and winter came with a cold wind just in time.

I was worried about putting off the scheduled schedule, but I put off all schedules because it would be easy to receive social criticism if I did something useless. Instead, in the cozy space of the bed in my room, I held onto my smartphone all day and stayed trapped in a 5.8-inch world. No matter what important decision-making was made from the outside, no matter how much pain someone is suffering, in a distance I can't easily reach, I became dull by the stimulus . As many people nowadays appeal for'Corona Blue ', I also couldn't shake my depression. Anyway, if it wasn't directly related to me, I was engrossed in the thought that if I just enjoyed it, I would not be interested.

No matter what you were doing or not, time went by. Someone started looking for new things to do while they were trapped and put them off, but I was passing day by day helplessly and meaninglessly. The darkness and gloomyness inside of me were getting deeper, perhaps because the world had changed hazy. In the chaos where the end was unknown, people pursued the direction of money. Faces faced every day were no longer just talking about life in the world and people around them. All together, only financial stories such as stocks and investments.

However, only a few people said that even that was profitable. In the news, the news about the corona infection situation was broadcast as well as the story of an emerging investment force called'Donghak ants' as major news. In an era when growth stopped, various economic and investment theories have penetrated deep into people's daily lives. It's definitely an important story in my life, but for some reason, my heart kept vain. I felt sorry for the myriad efforts to somehow create a ladder of opportunity for self-improvement and a society that could no longer provide a fence of growth and safety to individuals.

"Life goes on"

At the moment when my heart struggles with such harsh reality, I think of my own utopia. Rather than dreaming of a world where the corona has disappeared, or the economic prosperity that I myself eat well and live well, I imagine myself in a way that I have not lost laughter and happiness in my normal daily life . It is a way to comfort me in reality, where my energy has been worn out due to work and people after being hungry to pursue the same goals as others. A small hut that quietly closes his eyes in the cold breeze and emits warm lights in the thick coniferous forest somewhere in the distance. No matter how bitter cold waves hit me, I can taste the warmth and love inside. I miss the freedom that was taken away by my paused daily life, and in the calmness that can comfort me, I try to soothe today's anxiety.

Disease has taken away our distance and freedom, but the journey of life continues. It is said that ordinary daily life has stopped, but there is a'pause' in life, but there is no'stop'. Still life is a person who has already run out of breath. You have to move forward without stopping. The anxiety weighs on the shoulders and grows unbearably, but life continues. And finally, you have to take the next step to see what this burden is on your back. Just as so many people in a frozen world keep their place silently, I must also keep my place.

In the future, where we are both afraid and excited because it is not fixed, there is a next step for us. I believe that hope will still be strong if we regard it as a time of reflection to look back on the things we have forgotten because of the rapid flow and a time of leap forward for tomorrow.

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