When do you decide to settle and get married?

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Do you need to feel loved and have a special someone whom you wish to be your partner for the rest of your life to come into this decision? Honestly, I think that is somewhat a stupid question to ask since it's impossible to get married without a special someone. But wait, I'm asking about the decision-making.


Today, I will be sharing a photo of my uncle with her wife. This photo was shot years ago for their pre-nuptial photoshoot. I was unable to come with them since I think I was busy with something else. I didn't know that they were going somewhere near the beach, so it's regretful I decided not to come along. I found this photo when I was browsing some images saved on my computer. And when I spotted it, I thought it would be nice to ask something about it. I think it's a good topic to ask since I'm pretty curious as well. I just wondered about it when I saw their photo.

Why? Okay, I'll be honest, I never had any special someone in my life. So that goes to say, I haven't known what it would take to come to that decision. Will it just happen? Or is there something like a requirement for you to decide that it's time to settle? Hmmm, what age were you when you decided on that? Did you have a goal age to go to that resolve and the person you love?

Probably, people who can answer these question are the ones who are already married and found the love of their life. Apologies if this is quite a sudden question to ask out of curiosity. Well, maybe you could share a bit story of your life. Like how it was and what went through to your mind. How was the feeling, and did you thought that you rushed or you should've waited for something more to happen in your life? What were the things you anticipated and had to keep in mind once you decide on it? Can you still remember the moment? How was it?

Don't hesitate to tell a story. Any story will do, no discrimination.
A kid like me is waiting. ^^

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