My mindset: When there is no one to fix you, then fix yourself... you don't need to be a coward in facing life because a single problem has multiple solutions.


Whenever I feel so alone I divert my attention and I open my books and that's how I escape the world.
It gives me both headache and pleasure. . .and somehow I became productive,rather than focusing on those negativities.


Just always remember Salvador Dali and his word, "An intelligent man has no right to die because humanity needs his existence."

Lastly, We should always remember that the power to manage our lives is in our hands . We the have ability to change things in our life, never forget that. Craft your own world, take control of your situation, and create your own happiness .

Don’t let other factors in your life (people, environment, ability) make you think you’re hopeless. Identify the things that are holding you back, determine if this is something that can influence, and focus your energy on changing them one by one.

Have a happy Sunday steeming everyone!

Your steem buddy,

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