Helpless life/Why am I always regarded as a troublemaker 被“冤枉”专业户

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When I was young, I was in a state of being suspected and misunderstood by my mother for a long time. She always thought of me a troublemaker.

I don’t know if everyone has a similar experience. When a certain item is missing in my house, my mom will quietly ask my dad at home: "Eh? I can’t find this item. Did my son use/eat/drink/?"

In fact, sometimes they are not talking quietly, and they are indeed not afraid that I will hear it, and then there is a shout: Son, have you ever touched XXX?

A small part of the time is my behavior, but most of the time it is not. For example, if they take something away and can't remember the situation, they will reach an agreement: that is, they must have not moved, so it must be me, because there is no other person in the family.

In the next few hours or days, they finally found this object "with no effort", and then they didn't seem to be embarrassed.

Although countless misunderstandings were something I did, it did not affect the next suspicion. This state was maintained from elementary school to graduation from junior high school. Most of the time in high school and college was not with my parents. Later, when they grew up, they might realize that I was no longer that little kid like a random animal.

Objectively speaking, this kind of situation may exist in many families, but the frequency is different, and the way parents express it is different. It did not have much impact on me, but when I was young, I always wanted more. Equal, don’t want to be treated as an ignorant child.








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Sometimes, people believe in what they see and in not what they should've known.