2개월 전

On my way to office today, I had to visited a prospective clients for a business talk, then I came across the below tree and its strikes my heart that nothing is bad when we are still intact.

take a look

The Cashew tree was half rooted, in fact the rooted branches are not as many as the uprooted ones but amazing that the tree stills fresh and yielding its fruits in it times.

This speaks allots to my heart that (Making it) i.e achieving ones heart desire is not an impossible task since we are alive and kept doing something not being idle.

Don't be overwhelm with worries, the reason why you have not die is because you still have much more exploit to do.

Steemit might even not turn out the way you think, but that doesn't point to quitting, it obvious that things will work well much more that this.

Am just inspire with that tree and I felt to encourage someone here. love you all.

npower1 (2).png
Stay Connect!!!

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