¿Why Lambo? Lambo what?


With these sudden Ups&Downs in the cryptomarkets. Why the heck you have to be stressed and aim for a Lambo if you can easily settle with a humble old pink Cadillac?

¿Are you gonna keep trading all day long?

¡Better take care of your eyes instead freak!

Yep, prolly harder to park it in the streets.

But, ¡who really cares if you have the right girlfriend!

Oh yeah! today is Monday.

¡So let me recharge my funny superpower!

And yeah. This post was meant to be posted on D.Buzz.

But it was already going too long and I didn't want it to be truncated.

But hey! I had already said that you take care of your eyes?

Yup, ¡Watch Out Bro! I think I already said it.


http://www.netanimations.net/Moving-picture-spinning-gold-Euro-symbol-animated-gif.gif http://www.netanimations.net/Moving-picture-spinning-gold-Pound-symbol-animated-gif.gif http://www.netanimations.net/Moving-picture-spinning-gold-Yen-symbol-animated-gif.gif

Let me now focus on what prompted me to create this post in first place.

¡Of course buddy!

This post was created with the sole intention of hoarding a ton of upvotes and generate me incomes in all kinds of foreign currencies, bills, coins, altcoins and cryptocurrency one by one at a time. ¿What else were you thinking?

Uhm, well, ok. Maybe, just maybe, if anything. Also to snatch you off a few smiles, some laughter and if it were even possible, also a nice comment if you are really brave.

Three Figure Posts

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Cranky Gandalf


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Lucky my new kitten wasn't laying next to my laptop, he loves chasing the cursor. He just luvs helping me. lol.


Hahaha, well, as long as it's the cursor that he loves to chase and not your eyeballs, I guess everything will be fine. :D


lol, he has this thing about rubbing up against my reading glasses, he tries biting them then I'll get a bit worried.


Then, I think you probably are gonna need to buy him a heap of more bags of catnip. Just to save the integrity and life of your reading glasses. LoL