Danger of not properly raising Children with sound moral. Part 1

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I was raised by a father who happened to be a retired high school Principal, but later joined politics. He is a great disciplinarian. My mother also retired as an elementary school head. So you can imagine how disciplined my family would be.

When it is exactly 5:30 am daily we are already off the bead. We take our bath and wait to have our breakfast packed in the lunchbox waiting for the right time to set out for school. That was our daily routine. I could remember one particular day while in school, I played and completely forgot about who I am. I got injured and decided to keep the wound. The wound was there for some days until one day when my mum decided to bathe me. I winced gently when her soft and tender hand brush over the wound. She looked at me and ask why I made such noise, and I quickly retorted "Nothing mum". You know, I was barely 6 years old then, So all I know to cover my track was just to lie. She asked for a light and focused it on my knee where the wound lies. After she had ascertained the deepness of the wound. She took me to the room where she applied methylated spirit and gentian violet on the wound.

From home, she took me straight to a medical centre where the wound was properly treated. However, the scenario did not end there. I was later scolded and warned never to hide such again.

My parents are religious people and they are a great asset to me as I was growing up. They placed so much value on the culture of our society which I also later value in life. They have zero tolerance for physical abuse as well as the use of abusive language on children was something they treated with disdain. My siblings and I grew up in an environment that ensures that regard was accorded to the norms of the society where we were raised. However, we later saw the impact of bad parenting on some of the children we grew up with. Society actually becomes what parents do or did not do while they were bringing up their children. Society either suffers or benefits from bad or good parenting as the case may be.

When I looked back now, I further appreciate the impact my parents has upon us. They give us the best education. I was thoroughly taken through the process of home training. Now I am a parent myself with a boy and a girl.

In this article, I intend to reveal some dangers that could show up as a result of bad parenting or better put as Dangers of not properly raising Children with societal values.

[Myself and my son]

Before we proceed, let's see what parents do in the life of their children as they grow.

Parenting is a great role that everyone that will eventually become a good feedstock of nation builders must properly understand. Parents are the greatest asset that children could have in life as they grow. Parents are assets possessed by children to properly understand their community. The role of parents as a child grows can not be overemphasized. They play a great role in the cognitive development of a child, how the child perceives life, what the child values, his physical, social, mental health and every other area of life. As a child grows, he sees his parents as a role model, because a child learns through imitation. He repeats what he sees. So if the parents are living wrong, definitely, the child will also follow their step.

Parent and their child CCO Wikipedia commons

From the time a child cry is first heard, learning start while Parents and other caregivers stand as the classroom where a child learns the social norms. Parents chart the trajectory that the child follows. As children grow, parents are completely overclouded with anxiety as their children personality unveiled, mostly reflecting the character of the parents. Along the line, many parents become aware that they are not really prepared to raise a child. The unpreparedness ranges from a lack of understanding of the proper upbringing of a child. As the child grows and mixed with children from other families, many problems surface. Physical contact, as well as an emotional attachment with children from other backgrounds, completely changes how a child sees the world around him. The child begins to learn from both parents and others around him. Catastrophy sets in if the immediate environment of the child is abusive. For instance, if a child grows in an environment where people don't see anything wrong with illicit drug or alcoholism, there is a high tendency that the child also becomes an addict to drug or an alcoholic person.

alcoholism-5211397_1920 (1).jpg
Alcoholic addiction. From Pixabay

As the child grows and mixed with society, lapses on the proper upbringing of the child surfaces. When a parent fails to understand how to raise a child, that child becomes a problem to society. Many parents run after money while they leave their children behind. As the children grow, they grow apart from their parents. There is a wide gulf between parents and children.

Societies, where children grow, have certain demands from their members. Society expects that the citizens possess a certain characteristic that makes them properly fits in. Although some of these expectations differ from one culture to another. Some of these expectations are expected to be passed from parents to children. All over the world, parents are required to provide the ideal standard expected by society for their children. Parents while bringing up their children are expected to transfer beliefs as well as behaviours that will make the children not become a nuisance to society. From one generation to another, social norms are passed by parents to their children to keep society pure. Cultures change gradually as parents fail to do their job of raising their children. What they passed over to the next generation is no longer absolute. So the next generation begins to face a new problem which emanates from adulterated cultures or as a result of lack of values present with the previous generation.

How does a child get socialized?

Three majors means have been identified to be how children get socialized; namely

  • Families
  • (Out of homes) This include schools
  • Peer groups.

Children life are structured by adults and peers close to them, however, parents plays the most importants roles. The parents bend their children to the direction the society expected them to be bent. Parents ought to achieve this by teaching, supervising and not just stop there but also ensure that the children are well disciplined as they grow. It is believed that when children are well groomed by their parents, they will hardly depart from such grooming even when they are faced with tough challenges meant to deviate them from the right part their parents have prepared them for. Children not properly trained becomes more vulnerable to decadence.

In the subsequent part of this post, I will write extensively on the danger society face from Children raised by bad children. Thanks for reading.






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