The story of an old driver-Eastwood's new work "Mule"

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    Clint Eastwood is a treasure. He is a director and an actor. He is good at self-directing and acting and has won numerous awards. You may not recognize his name, but it is impossible not to know his movies. The younger generation (maybe not so young already) should remember him from the movies in the 90s. 60+ he is the ruthless and tender bounty hunter in "Unforgivable", the affectionate photographer Robert in "The Bridge of Madison County", and 70+ he is like the father in "Million Dollar Baby" His coach is a grandfather-like stubborn veteran in "Classic Cars". As of 2019, when he is nearly 90 years old, he brought new works. He perfectly interprets a somewhat sad and a bit cool old man in "The Mule". driver.

      Earl, played by Eastwood, is a plantation owner who has been obsessed with his planting business all his life. He even missed his daughter’s wedding in order to participate in the day lily (a kind of flower) conference. He won the “Oiran” of the conference. But she has lost her daughter's love ever since. More than ten years later, the development of the Internet made his plantation suffer a huge impact. Traditional planting and sales methods have been eliminated, and he was forced to abandon his life-long planting career. And he was desolate, and because he couldn't fulfill his promise to hold a wedding for his granddaughter, he was criticized by his family. When he was helpless to leave, a young Mexican man at the granddaughter party came over to talk. After learning about his experience of driving across 41 states in the United States, the young man introduced him to a job-a mule for drug dealers.

    At first, Old Earle only knew that his job was to deliver goods for others. He only had to follow the instructions of the consignor to drive the car to the designated hotel, leave the key in the glove box, and return in an hour. The keys and rewards will be put in the glove box. Everything seems very simple. Earl, who drove the old truck he had followed for many years on the intercontinental highway, hummed to the music in the car.

  "Ilove you more today than yesterday but no more than tomorrow".

      The freight was paid well enough to allow Earl to hold a wedding for his granddaughter. At the wedding, he also prepared his favorite Sunflower for the granddaughter. The granddaughter thanked her in tears, but the ex-wife Mary did not seem to appreciate it. The past injuries are unforgettable to her.

      Originally planned to be only one wedding for his granddaughter, Earl ended up. After seeing the notice that his plantation was auctioned off, he finally decided to continue, and used the first payment to replace his old truck with one. A big black pickup truck that pulls the wind. With the blessing of the big pickup truck, Earle seemed to be more comfortable with the work of transporting goods. For the second time, he redeemed his plantation.

      In order to rebuild the veteran club he frequented, Earl chose to go on the road for the third time. This time the "goods" seemed to be a lot heavier, which made him curious and drove to no one. He got out of the car and opened the bag. Take a breath. At this moment, a policeman stopped him from behind... Jiang was still old and hot, and he wittily dispatched the police and the police dog that seemed to have caught the strange smell. He delivered the goods smoothly, and his payment was doubled. He funded the reconstruction of the club and received the love of the old guys.

      Afterwards, Earl’s outstanding performance attracted the attention of the drug dealer boss. He was going to let him take on the responsibility and sent two younger brothers to monitor him. Along the way, Earl still hummed easily and enthusiastically helped others. , Stayed in a motel, and did not forget to invite beautiful women to spend the night together. Earle's bold move angered the little brother, but the drug dealer boss insisted that he was worthy of responsibility. During the next shipment, they encountered police officers who were biased against people of color. Earle shot again, using two buckets of popcorn and a face of honesty and sincerity. After that, the younger brother's attitude towards him changed a lot.

      Slowly, Earl shipped more and more goods. After breaking the record, he was invited to the boss's party and received a VIP reception. After waking up from a drunken fan, he ordered his frustrated little brother to find the life he likes.

        Soon after, the drug dealer boss was rebelled, the new boss took office, the rules of the game changed, Earl was no longer allowed to work in such a free and undisciplined manner, and sent a new and more fierce brother to warn him.

      On the other hand, as early as Earl had just started his new job, the police station transferred a new anti-narcotics sergeant, and the target was directed at their drug gang. The new sheriff was very capable, and soon developed internal responses within the gang and passed on a lot of important information to him. A mule recorded as "Tata" entered the police's field of vision because of the huge cargo volume. "Tata" "It's Earle. According to the clues provided by Nei Ying, the police followed up to a hotel. They checked the guests who stayed at the hotel that day, and targeted a muscular man who had vandalized the vending machine, but they ran away. Early the next morning, Earl and the sheriff met in a breakfast shop. They talked about their family. It was the wedding anniversary of the sheriff and his wife. Earl advised the sheriff to put family first, and then they were like friends. Same goodbye.

      Halfway through, he received a call from his granddaughter and learned that his ex-wife was seriously ill. After some hesitation, he appeared in front of his ex-wife and spent the last days of her life with her. After the funeral, he was beaten by his fierce brother because he had left his job without authorization and was forced to continue on the road. However, he did not know that the police had received the news at this time and laid a net on the road. In the end, he was arrested, and at the moment of turning around, he recognized the sheriff.

      In the end, Earl frankly admitted his crimes and was sentenced to prison. In prison, he lived the life he yearned for and owned a plantation of his own.

      This is a movie that makes people laugh with tears, pickups, sunglasses, intercontinental highways, nonsensical songs, drugs, swimming pools, and beautiful women. When all these have a relationship with a 90-year-old man, joy will come naturally. , And the old man also has the tragedy of the old man, the pursuit of a lifelong career is coming to an end. For this cause, he almost lost all his relatives and nothing. The whole movie moves forward slowly with the old man's deeds. There is no strong emotion, no intense conflict, and the comfortable rhythm makes you feel that all this seems to happen normally. However, this kind of comfort does not make people feel bored. Every episode after the shipment is delicate and moving. In the final analysis, what does the movie want to tell us? I think it should use the reflection of a 90-year-old man to teach us to cherish, as Earle said to the sheriff, "The family is always the first. I have learned my lesson."

    Finally, share a favorite segment of the entire movie. When the ex-wife died, the two made their final confession to each other.

"You were the love of my life ,and the pain of my life.I need you to know,it all the world to me, that you are here."

"I love you,Mary"

"More today than yesterday?"

"But not as much as tomorrow."

    I love you, today is more than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow. This is the song he has been humming. It is his last and best confession to her in his life. It's not so good at the last moment.

      "Mary Stone"-in the end, he got her forgiveness, she still named his last name and left with his love.

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