Ulog #95 | Spring Roll Fried vs Fresh.. Which do you prefer ?


It's Spring Roll Challenge Week ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Okay.. I self-declared that during the weekend; only because I saw two different versions of spring rolls being prepared and sold at the local wet market. This is a rare sight but on this day, it seemed like everyone was into spring roll. Now, this dish is very common in Vietnam and is considered as a staple food by the locals.

Copy of Christmas Desserts and Treats Photo Collage.png

Each roll cost only VND5,000 = USD0.21 = MYR0.94; be it fried or fresh. The ingredients are usually pork meat or prawn with other condiments such as lettuce, rice noodles and chilli. These rolls became my lunch for the day which was very fulfilling and satisfying indeed.

So, if it was you, which would you prefer ?



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I need to have it both. Oh, this makes me hungry.