TacoCat's TrEats #74: A Steamy Nutritious Spread 🍲



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Since I've been sharing a lot of our favourite takeaway foods we've been trying during the lockdown, I thought I'd do something a little different today and write about a place we tried post-quarantine.

It's been quite a few months now since Singapore has been out of lockdown, or what our government has termed "circuit breaker", so restaurants have been opening up and allowing in-house dining again.

I've actually written about this place before but since it's a food court of sorts, and we tried a new stall this time, I thought I'd write about it again.

So this stall is actually from a new modern food court called Kopitech and it's located within Funan Mall.


Funan Mall is a newly refurbished mall in downtown Singapore known for its IT retailers and high-tech lifestyle and sporty offerings like a cycling path, climbing wall and various e-bike charging stations.


Source: CapitaLand

And since the entire mall is modern and high-tech, it would make sense that the food court itself is also digital. Hence the name Kopitech. It definitely looked nice and contemporary, and neon signs to contrast the wood-grain furnishings.


All the stalls also had digital touchscreens for you to order and make payment; really reiterating the whole cash-less society that the Singapore government is actively pushing.

Anyway, the stall we tried this time was this one in the back called Steamed Gourmet!


Since we tried something pretty unhealthy last time, I thought it'd be better if we ate something healthier. And among the stalls that were still open at the time, this was the best choice.

Most of the menu consists of either soup with rice or


rice with a couple of steamed dishes.


They also had this special Egg-stra Golden Fiesta promotion that really caught our eye because it was Steamed Boneless Chicken with Salted Egg, Steamed Egg with Minced Meat + 1 side dish and 1 bowl of rice, all for just $7.90! What a steal!

So Sean ordered one set of that, and since I was craving some healthy soup we decided to also get an ABC Soup with Pork Ribs set, which comes with 1 side dish and 1 bowl of rice as well.


We were really hungry by then so thankfully we got our food pretty quick; I think most of the dishes were prepared long beforehand and left to steam the whole day, but that's what makes it taste good.


So this was my set - ABC soup and braised cabbage in oyster sauce.


And this was Sean's set - with the salted egg chicken and steamed egg. He chose seasonal vegetables with special sauce for his side dish.


We each got a bowl of brown rice instead to be healthy. But in hindsight I think we weren't really a fan of the taste. My family used to mix brown and white rice together and that was good, but all brown is too much.
But besides that, this meal was delicious!

The ABC soup definitely tasted healthy and tasty. It's a nourishing soup cooked with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions and pork ribs/bones or chicken. Initially I thought the ABC stood for something like ABC juice has apple, beetroot and carrot or something like that. But now that I think about it it might be that it contains vitamins A, B and C. And that's why it's so healthy.


It definitely helped to offset Sean's salted egg chicken though. Which may not have been as healthy but still really tasty. The steamed egg was really good as well. Silky smooth, and not too salty even though it was covered with sauce.


I think this style of eating from little dishes in steamed baskets may be Teochew style but I'm not too sure. It's definitely reminiscent of traditional Chinese food where they ate out of stainless steel bowls inside steamer baskets just like these.

Overall, this was definitely a very delicious and affordable meal! Sean's set was $7.90 and mine was only $5.90! And it left me feeling nice and healthy too.

Something I noticed when you eat out a lot in Singapore is that it's not very healthy because hawkers tend to use a lot of oil, salt and not so much vegetables (with a couple of exceptions). So whenever you get the chance to eat healthy you probably should. And one of the healthy stalls you can try is definitely this one! So if you're in the area check it out!

Thanks for reading!

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