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Hi guys, today i want to take you a little bit around Africa, Nigeria to be precise, via Nigerian local meal. So follow gently as i introduce you to a Nigerian meal you will love to take when you visit Nigeria.


This is called egusi(melon) soup and eba( also known as garri; that is processed cassava).
It is an African meal, from Nigeria.

Soup Recipe:
*Red Oil
*Fresh Pepper
*Maggi Cube
*Pumpkin Leave

Eba Recipe:
*Garri(Processed Cassava )

I made the soup first.
I steamed the meat first with onion, a cube of maggi, salt and little water.
Then i put my pot on fire, allowed the water in the pot to dry up, then added red oil. I allowed the oil to heat. Meanwhile i love soaking my egusi in cold water say for 3 minutes before frying. It helps it not to get burnt fast and give it a quite good look. I added little quantity of salt and onion to the heated oil, after which i added my soaked egusi to the heated oil as well. I added a little quantity of offor, it is a soup thickener, but it is not really compulsory to use.
I stirred very well to avoid it from getting burnt and for the egusi to absorb all the oil, until the oil can't really be seen anymore.
I covered the pot for 2 minutes and stirred again and again, until the egusi looks divisible and the oil started coming out from the egusi with a different look.
I added my beef with the water in it and stirred.
I allowed it to boil for 2minutes and i added my grinded crawfish and fresh pepper, stirred a bit and added my maggi, salt and little water.
I allowed it to cook for like 5 minutes and thereafter added my pumpkin sliced leave; Which is the last.
I allowed it to cook for 2 more minutes and my soup was ready.

I boiled my water till it got real hot.
Then i poured the water in a bowl and added the water gradually and kept turning the eba until it became tick enough to be moulded.

Then guess what my egusi soup and eba are ready and served.


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I don't know what all ingredients are but it sounds delicious 🥰


@frejalovisa; it is a Nigerian dish. So you can know them if you get close to any Nigeria or you visits Nigeria.

@talktofaith I love this delicacy.I wish I was around to have a taste of it.It looks yummy.
Much regard from me @samuel20


@samuel20 don't worry you will have a taste one day. At least from the view, you should know how it taste.

@talktofaith, Just looking at it and am salivating.


@ninapenda if you need it, you will have it. Just give me a dm.