How the Welsh language inspired world's most famous breakfast cereal

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The Cornflakes rooster mascot was chosen because of its connection to the founder and thanks to the Welsh language. It's one of the worlds most famous breakfast cereals, and it has a surprising connection to the Welsh language. On the front of every box of Cornflakes is the instantly recognisable mascot, the red, yellow and green rooster.

But what many people may not recognise is the way the motif owes its existence to a single Welsh word.


The famous rooster, named Cornelius, was added to the pack more than 60 years ago. In 1957 Cornelius was put on every box, in a move that helped the company to establish itself as a market leader, and was all thanks to William Kellogg's Welsh friend Nansi Richards.


Nanci was a renowned harpist and three times National Eisteddfod winner. Richards crossed paths with American entrepreneur while she was on tour. She took no time at all in pointing out that the Welsh translation of rooster was 'ceiliog' which has a similar pronunciation to Kellogg.

The Kellogg's founder ran with the connection, the iconic rooster was added to the box and has remained there ever since.


It is understood the colours of the mascot were borrowed from the Welsh dragon.


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Very interesting! I liked the story.


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