WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT. CREB Contest - Second session : Recommend creative business ideas.


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Dear Steem Entrepreneurs community members.

CREB Contest - Second session : Recommend creative business ideas. has ended. So I will make an announcement of the contest winner.

But through this post I also invite all of you to take the opportunity in the 3rd week steem engagement challenge that is currently running in this dear community.

Remember !!!....

The challenge of steem engagement is not just by participating in contests. Involvement in providing relevant commentary and giving a positive voice to your fellow contest participants and other users in the community greatly determines your score.

Being in #club5050, #club75 and #club100 is the main requirement.

Contest Prizes:
Organizer offers 20 Steem Power for the best 4 posts

And here is the list of the winners of the competition.

Winner I : @fantvwiki.
Contest participant link

Winner II : @sailawana
Contest participant link • (6 STEEM, )

Winner III : @sikan-eyen
Contest participant link • (4 STEEM )

Winner IV : @rad-austine
Contest participant link • (3 STEEM )

Proof of transfer of prizes for winners.


We will also give extra prizes to the winners by getting curated from @booming

All winners have joined the #club5050 campaign. I recommend increasing the #club status to support the #steem ecosystem growth.

Congratulations to all the winners.
I hope, This will be a motivation to keep learning to improve the quality of work. Of course in this community that we are proud of. Steem Entrepreneurs Community


Posts that have been curated from SC01/SC02 are not curated from @booming.
All decisions of the jury are absolute and cannot be challenged.

30% of Rewards Donated To Charity Account : @steemkindness and @adollaraday

Cc : @pennsif @stephenkendal @disconnect @harferri @tucsond @subkiusman @afrizalbinalka


Contest organizer
@f2i5 (5).gif (3).gif (2).gif
Faisal Us
Faisal Us

Steem Entrepreneurs Community would like to thank the @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 who has provided support to the author and the official community account - curator @steempreneurship. This support is urgently needed to increase the votes power and reach 20,000.00 SP by the end of April 2022.


Open opportunities for useful contributions and collaborations with steem power delegates for community development.

Please select one from the link :

Thank you to all stemians who have supported and encouraged us to work hard to advance the Community and STEEM to reach wider people

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Selamat untuk semua pemenang kontes!
Maaf pak @f2i5 tolong di cek kembali link pemenang kontes khusus untuk Winner 1 atas nama @fantvwiki . Sepertinya ada kekeliruan penempelan link postingan yang dimaksud. Terima kasih.


Terimakasih atas koreksinya pak @ridwant. Alhamdulillah sudah di perbaiki.


Sama-sama pak @f2i5 ! dimaklumi dengan pekerjaan padat yang dijalani saat ini.

We are excited, congratulations all.

Saya ucapkan selamat kepada peserta kontes yang sudah memenangkan kontes CREB semoga di kontes selanjutnya. Akan banyak peserta yang akan mengikuti serta. Sekali lagi saya ucapkan selamat seluruh peserta kontes..

Thank you for this happy announcement Mr. @f2i5, thank you also for the permission to participate in the contest and the prizes given.

Congratulations @f2i5

This is the most positive post amongst top 100 hot posts on steemit at this moment.

Thanks for the appreciation. And congrats for all the winner

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Congratulation to all the winners, i am so glad to be chosen