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In recent days the use of hastaq #club5050 has become a trending topic on the steemit platform. Hastaq #club5050 has implications for the increasing number of people who invest in steem or power ups which are increasingly being carried out by steemit users. The positive impact is that value of steem will increase as an investment asset.

The success of hastaq #club5050 cannot be separated from the role of the king of curators who are aggressively campaigning and abundant support for those who invest and empower. Even the founders of the community and team also took the initiative to carry out a campaign in the form of an invitation to members or subscribers to make the hashtag #club5050 a success. The use of the hashtag #club5050 must also be used correctly, use is only permitted when powering up in accordance with the spirit of the hashtag #club5050.

Of course this campaign should not stop at one point, but the action of the #club5050 hastaq message must be continuous to maintain the value of Steem in the blockchain ecosystem. And this is our responsibility with steem.com and steemit.com users.

IMG_20211014_004853.jpgPromo Steem with hashtag t-shirt #club5050

Besides being in the form of an appeal such as post : Let's do it, increase our account strength the Steem Entrepreneurs Community will also campaign and make the #club5050 hastag (Investing and Power Up) a success with the Steem Shirt. This t-shirt will soon be produced by @steempreneurshop with a Steem Entrepreneurs t-shirt and a Steem News t-shirt. Especially for the #club5050 t-shirt we will only produce in black. If you want to order, please comment in the comment column below.

I also did all the payouts received today and converted to Steem and did 100% Power Up.

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

Best regards,

Cc : @pennsif | @stephenkendal | @steemkindness | @steempreneurshop

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thank you for the information,... meaning that in the near future it will be produced by @steempreneurshop with Steem Entrepreneurs t-shirts and Steem News t-shirts. I want both.


Thanks you very much for support

Sukses untuk @steempreneurshop yang akan memproduksi baju lagi sebagai bentuk promo-steem, srmoga dapat berjalan dengan lancar.


Amin... Terimakasih atas doa dan dukungannya

Bagus idenya bang.
Desainya pun mantap.


Terimakasih bg @f2i5 sukses juga untuk @newuscoshop


Amin. Semoga doa Bang @harferri terkabul

Dan Terima kasih sudah berdoa untuk kesuksesan @newuscoshop

Sukses bersama #Steem Entrepreneurs

Great idea of the T-shirt


Thnak you very much ...

Keren tshirt nya 🤗👌


Good Information about #club5050. Thanks You.


your welcome brother

Yeeeee, keluar ide kreatif lago ya bang @harferri 👏👏👏

Keren t shirt nya, berapa satuan harga nya mr @harferri