Economic Empowerment, STEEM Supports The Construction Of My Family Kiosk Business

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Hello dear entrepreneurs, the entire team and members of this wonderful community.

One of the goals of a better life is the achievement of sufficient economic growth. Economics and financial needs are the two most important parts of human life. A better life will be achieved if financial needs are met.

Many factors can encourage people's economic growth, one of which is through the world of business and business. Everyone wants financial maturity to support the economic needs of their family. Likewise with us, I want my family to achieve the goal of a better life.

Therefore, we continue to strive to encourage economic growth in our family. Including providing financial support to our relatives. The new step we take to encourage family economic growth is through the business world.

Recently one of my relatives who is also my family is building a kiosk. This is an initiative step to boost the family economy and escape unemployment. I took the initiative to support the construction of this kiosk by using a number of rewards that I got from Steemit.

Finally, we must realize that slowly the achievement of the goal of a better life will come before our eyes. Steemit has brought many changes to our lives. The financial support I get from Steemit can help boost the family's economy.

A new direction and a family from poverty, a dream coveted by many. Through this kiosk, we hope that in the future it will be able to support the economic needs of his family. This is the second week of the construction of this kiosk.

I deliberately did not post in the early stages of relocation for construction, it aims to complete a number of documents. I aim to present the construction of this kiosk in real to the public. So, I publish it when this development is in its second phase.

We build this kiosk in stages, the factor is due to financial conditions. Meanwhile, we must prioritize it to support education costs, kitchen needs, and other support. Financial governance is very important, moreover this development is carried out with little capital.

So, I will set aside some of my rewards to support the construction of this kiosk. Can Steem work wonders to accelerate the development of this kiosk? I believe that when I get more rewards to set aside for the construction of this stall, then this building will be completed quickly.

The material for the construction of this kiosk is wood. Meanwhile, we also had to provide a bit of higher ground for this kiosk location. We have purchased soil to fill it with and it will be about 30 cm higher than the base of the soil.

This effort has cost as much as 2 cars for landfill. The area of ​​this kiosk is about 3x3 Meters, which requires a number of beams to support the poles. The construction of this kiosk is carried out by 2 builders / construction workers.

We plan to complete this construction next month. So, I will organize and allocate my rewards to support the construction of this kiosk. Hope it will be completed soon and be able to support the economic growth of our relatives.

The kiosk is strategically located on the side of the main road of our village. Located right in Kuta Glumpang Village, Samudera District, North Aceh Regency. The kiosk will sell a number of basic needs, pulses, electricity tokens, and fishermen's resource needs in our village.

Indirectly, later this kiosk will also present Steemit to residents in our area. This will provide easier access to Steemit campaigns and promotional activities when transactions occur with our customers.

I will allocate Steem to buy a number of necessities such as boards, beams, roofs, and cement. At the moment, I have not been able to map out how much it will cost to buy these necessities. However, the estimate will cost around 5 Million Rupiah.

Construction Process Stage #1










Who Am I ?

I am a citizen journalist in our local area, law faculty student, actively involved in humanitarian and environmental missions, active as a volunteer, has a career trail as a coach in scouting organizations, has relationships with a number of non-governmental organizations both at local and national levels, often acts as a moderator and speakers at a number of events, at Steemit actively participate in and do #promo-steem activities, as a pro-creator Oracle-D in the past, as content creators at SevenFingers, have high hopes and enthusiasm for STEEM For SDGs. There are many great people who have also helped this program and took their roles behind the scenes during the program's launch.

Thanks to Admin & Moderators : @harferri, @subkiusman, @tucsond

Thanks to : steemcurator01 , @stephenkendal, @pennsif, @kevinwong, @steemchiller, @xeldal

Best Regard
Discord : ponpase#2931

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Hopefully the construction of your family Kiosk will run smoothly without any problems.


Thank you very much !


Sama-sama, semoga sukses.

Thank you for delegating SP to support the growth of the Steem Entrepreneurs Community..

Hopefully your good wishes to help build a kiosk for your brother with Steem and SBD get good support. The Steem Entrepreneurs community welcomes the presence of your brother's kiosk for promo-steem in the surrounding people... great work @ponpase

#club5050 #club100


Thanks for Support.

Semangat bro.. semoga lancar.


Terima kasih banyak bang.

Sangat luar biasa semoga bisnis kios anda cepat selesai