How to Building Promosteembusiness Project for the Small Entrepreneur Community



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Writing Background
There are many ways to earn money to support our family. However, some of them "force" themselves to work not to "add" income, but as a "source" of livelihood to support their families.

The difference in meaning between "source" of livelihood and "addition" of income is an important reference for all office holders in each region, so that officials do not mistakenly create "legal products" and programs to support "poverty alleviation". It seems that many theories "fail" to be implemented if they are not accompanied by stages, such as: field observation, socialization and public consultation. There is no guarantee that, the "luxur" theory will succeed without the support of valid and real data in the field.

I have family and close neighbors. see how I spent these two days to see and even work directly at their place of business. The two businesses that they each run are not to "add" income, but as a "source" of livelihood. Each of them has a simple residence, and family. But they are not supported by sufficient financial it every day and even every month.

Not every day they get a "net" income of approximately Rp. 100.000,-. We're not saying that is a small amount. because there are still scavengers and beggars out there who have not been able to prosper by those who have responsibilities.



Not every day they get a "net" income of around Rp. 100.000,-. We're not saying it's a small amount. because there are still scavengers and beggars out there who have not been "touched" with welfare programs disburse large sums of money every year. somehow and where to that money, maybe only the people involved will know.

So, what do I want to say here?
They are small entrepreneurs who are tough and always "obedient" to pay taxes for their place of business. I'm trying to do something so they can engage with Steem. I know, they are very busy with their work every day, so it is not possible for them to be directly involved as content creators on the steemit platform. I have planned in the near future to discuss this with some friends and the Steem Entrepreneurs Community team to get ideas and input (business strategies) to build their small business forward.

Steem promotion involvement in their business activities is the main target as an effort to build business and high purchasing power for their business income.

What are the benefits of Steem promotion for their business? if they are not directly involved with the steemit platform? Of course, payment options using SBD and Steem are also not possible.

Photo Gallery of tough small entrepreneurs in the corners of building Lhokseumawe City.

  • The business of selling fried food and bandrek located in the village of Sp. The Four Cities of Lhokseumawe






  • Business selling coffee and soft drinks in Kota Village, Lhokseumawe City







Writing Purpose
"In the near future, I will invite them to involve themselves in promoting steem in the form of "advertising" steem promotions. they will be willing to make a business capital assistance proposal with steem advertising in their place of business. I will help them to prepare a business proposal that will be submitted to the Steemit Team through the Steem Entrepreneurs Community in the #club5050 support project.".

That's post with my go around activities for two days to promote Steem with strong small traders, hopefully this post will continue to involve them with the Steem project to build their business ventures more developed.

Your ideas, input and motivation are very helpful for my further steem promotion work. Thank you to all steemians friends who have been willing to visit and maybe read it.

writing reference: GO AROUND - Steem Business Promo Program | Start Now

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Great, very good entrepreneur, business of selling fried food and bandrek. I wish the business more progress with many buyers and more success.


Kanda @tucsond b thanks for support.

A good idea to develop a small business with Steem.. We are very interested in reading your writings and initiatives to help small entrepreneurs like them.

We're waiting for the proposals and we'll see what we can do for them...

Steem Entrepreneurs Team

Cc : @steemkindness


God willing, in the next few days I will prepare it. thank you for the support and motivation from the Steem Entrepreneur community team.
💙 #club5050


Thanks for information kanda!


Sama-sama, kemanapun pergi jangan lupa pulang ke rumah.


Siap kanda 😂