The first week Report: My Support for #Club5050: Power UP 524.001 Steem (44.796 SBD) & Future Business



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Happy greetings to creative friends, I hope you are always in good health and success.

Secondary data from the Central Bureau of National Statistics is one of the tools to prove economic growth and poverty in an area. Everyone certainly hopes that economic growth will continue to advance to a better level in order to increase the welfare of the community. However, economic growth in an area cannot guarantee to improve people's welfare to a better level.

This sad phenomenon can sometimes "only" be witnessed and discussed, when an area is at the highest level of economic growth every year, but the percentage of poor people is actually increasing.

This bitter reality is felt by the poor in West Papua Province, Indonesia. The people there can only admire the figure (11.27%) every year as the "number" of the highest economic growth rate for their province at the National level, even though they are in the percentage (35.77) or the second highest poorest province - after Papua Province.

This phenomenon triggers us to continue to stay away from and be separated from the "ties" by all legal products and poverty alleviation systems as well as the country's economic improvement system that is only ridden or exploited by a group of people who want to be rich. They are only "hunting" for investment returns from infrastructure and development, but they do not trigger an increase in the economic system of the poor and help small and medium entrepreneurs.

I have personally made up my mind on the phenomenon. With Steem, I will rise slowly to build and develop our small business, disseminate business information through the promotion of Steem and the steemit platform. Thus, the Entrepreneurs community is our main choice as a place to work while doing business.

I am committed to continuing to power up regularly at least 50% of the reward claim results on every post supported by the #club5050 project.

The first week Report: My Support for #Club5050: Power UP 524.001 Steem (44.796 SBD) and 25 SBD to Business Capital & Rebuilding a Business Place




25 SBD to Business Capital & Rebuilding a Business Place

1. Addition of Bread business capital and Build a Kiosk measuring 2.5x3 meters (wooden construction)

Maybe, some steemians friends, especially in the Entrepreneurs community, have read this post and past posts. I'm trying to build a small business "selling & supplying" bread with my sister-in-law. so I was forced to collect a number of fees for additional business capital and to rehabilitate a household furniture business located in Blang Jruen Village, Tanah Luas District, North Aceh Regency. Because our small business has been running, so I continue to support #club5050 to prioritize increasing account power for the purpose of improving our business efforts in the future.

DescriptionAmount (Rp)SBD Conversion
1 unit of wooden construction kioskRp.10.000.000,-100 SBD
Capital to buy bread 300 pack x Rp.8.000,-Rp.2.400.000,-24 SBD
Total numberRp.12.400.000,-124 SBD




2. Rehabilitation of roofs of household furniture buildings

Our household furniture business was not abandoned, and is still running today. It's just that, we need a little money to rehabilitate the damaged and leaking roof. Replacing the tepah leaf roof with corrugated zinc.

DescriptionAmount (Rp)SBD Conversion
Zinc : 24 sheets x Rp.80,000,-Rp.1.920.000,-20 SBD





Currently available costs are Rp. 2.500.000,- (25 SBD) of the amount we need is Rp. 14,320,000,- (144 SBD)

That's my post about The first week Report: My Support for #Club5050 & The planning our Future Business.

Best Regards to Steem Entrepreneurs Team:
@harferri (Admin)
@irawandedy (Admin)
@subkiusman (Moderator)
@tucsond (Moderator)
@sofian88 (Moderator)


Regards @ridwant / About MeHERE

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Mantap, dengan sering melakukan power, itu akan sangat bagus bagi kemajuan akun kita, sehingga Steem Power akan meningkat dan nilai kurasi kita akan tinggi. #club5050 is the Best.


InsyaAllah kanda! Saya akan terus berkarya untuk dapat terus menguatkan akun sambil menjalankan bisnis kecil keluarga kami, terima kasih kembali atas supportnya. Salam sukses!

Langkah cerdas pak @ridwant dengan Power Up dan mensukseskan #club5050, semoga Steem bisa membantu perkembangan bisnis bapak.. salam


Mudah mudahan, terima kasih banyak atas motivasi dan support dari tim komunitas..!

Sangat luar biasa Abangda dapat besinergi bersama dalam melakukan power up sembari menyukseskan program #club5050 sucses


Terima kasih dinda senior atas supportnya! semoga PU akan terus berlanjut untuk peningkatan akun kita.


Sama-sama abangda.
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