Campaign Supports The #club5050 Program



For the second time since the launch of the account strengthening program by the steem team with special tags #club5050 and #club100 i did power up, this time it wasn't much, but it shows that i'm not the type to always be selfish, although sometimes i've taken large sums in the past few days for the purpose of continuing to build my house which i need to fix soon because the dust flies constantly in remembering the health and comfort of my family which i still have to take care of.



Until now i have 2,024.022 Steem Power, I will continue to do power ups gradually, and I will continue to keep this commitment hoping that I will continue to invest in Steemit for the bright future of Steem in the future.


Finally, i would like to thank all the steemians who have supported me on this beloved platform, and a very special thank you to the steemit team via @steemcurator01 who has given me great upvotes so far.

Have a nice day with Steem !!!


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Sangat bagus berkampanye untuk melakukan investasi dan power up melalui program Tim Steemit #club5050 .. Salam dan sukses @subkiusman


Terima kasih supportnya sir 🤝
Salam sukses.